Dairy Cattle

The Australian dairy industry is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most competitive and integral parts of the global food market.  The nation’s enviable disease free status has seen it dominate the supply of dairy cattle to China, South East Asia, Middle East and Mexico for the past 10 years.

LGE sources high grade dairy cattle for live export with a specific focus on registered dairy heifers.

They have a strict selection protocol which ensures each and every beast chosen for export complies with international standards.  This selection criteria includes:

  1. conformation and appearance of the beast must be typical of the breed
  2. all animals must have the correct pedigree information and all data registered with the ADHIS system and NLIS tagged at selection
  3. a heifer pedigree record and a minimum herd test statement must be made available at the time of selection to LGE.  The minimum herd test statement must show dam milk production of 5,500 LT, protein 3.0% and fat 3.5%.