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LiveCorp is responsible for industry service delivery.  It is funded through statutory levies on exporters and is accountable to industry members under a constitution. LiveCorp is also accountable to the Australian Government under a Statutory Funding Agreement.

Established in 1998 as a result of a restructuring of institutional arrangements within the meat and livestock industry, Livecorp provides the following services to its members:

LiveCorp consults with industry through the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC).


The Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC) is the national policy body representing the livestock export industry. ALEC is made up of livestock exporters and state chapters whose members are directly involved in the export of cattle, sheep and goats.

LiveCorp / MLA Australian Livestock Export Program (ALEP)

LiveCorp, acting on behalf of livestock exporters and MLA, acting on behalf of livestock producers, have agreed on a joint program of activities in support of the livestock export trade covering the above functions.

An Annual Operating Plan (AOP) covering these activities is developed in close consultation with industry including ALEC.

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